Yuzu here~

^421DCF17FAF4D33C1F6DB177E607E33E1912619C185EB4EEC9^pimgpsh_fullsize_distr Hey guys ! My name is Érico Martins aka Yuzu, I’m 17 years old from Lisbon, Portugal and I’m an artist, gamer, nerd and dancer. I like bananas which is my favorite fruit of all, I like to exercise with friends, I like to hang out with friends and alone too,
explore new cities and countries, cosplay and to dance ! I dislike to be bored, study all the time, pimples on my face, summer and people who yell at me. I’m expelicialized in Manga style but would like to try Abstract and Semi realism. That’s all ! Love you guys !

Materials I use: for sketching i use a H pencil/Mech.Pencil 0,07 or HB Pencil/Mech.Pencil 0,05, for the lineart I use Sakura 0,05/2/4 and Brush and finally for the coloring I use Van Gogh watercolours.


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