Misaki here~

scan_ciel_1 Hi there! My name is Inês (but you can call me Misaki, if you want). I’m 16 years old, I live in Lisbon, Portugal, and my favorite color is light blue. I like anime and manga, reading, drawing, cats, music and raspberries. I dislike boring things, bugs and when I need to erase something but the eraser is dirty (it’s so stressing).

I’m currently addicted to this game called Yandere Simulator, I love the drawings of the mangakas Yana Toboso, Hiro Mashima and Takeshi Obata and I’m now trying to learn how to draw in my computer. I also know how to make AMVs but I’m still working in something decent.

Materials I use: For sketching I use mostly a mechanical pencil 0.5; for the lineart, I have a Faber Castell’s Manga Black Set; for coloring, I use mostly Van Gogh watercolors and colored pencils (I don’t have a favorite brand).


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